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STUD: Medretur - Efficient, secure and sustainable disposal of discarded medications

Alternative title: STUD: Medretur - Effektiv, sikker og bærekraftig håndtering av medikamentavfall

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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2021 - 2022

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In Norway, an estimated 300 tonnes of medications are improperly discarded every year, most of which end in the toilet or garbage. The following release of pharmaceuticals in nature generates environmental pollution, which, for instance, could cause behavioural changes in fish species and antimicrobial resistance in the long term. Today, handling of discarded medications is mostly done manually by pharmacists. This is time-consuming, logistically redundant and inefficient. Furthermore, easy access to discarded medications is associated with substance abuse among health personnel, leading to work leave and increased costs. Medretur aims to mitigate these problems by developing customized, safe and easily available drug drop-off disposal units. They will be placed at strategic locations and will only be accessible for selected employees. Our primary target market will be pharmacies in Norway. Moreover, Medretur aims to investigate the possibility of integrating a barcode scanner system along with a return scheme in our product. This could allow for a registration system that triggers financial rewards for consumers, in addition to increased knowledge about returned medications. The STUD-ENT funding scheme will be a crucial factor for realization and further development of Medretur. During the STUD-ENT period, we will test and implement our product while doing market research and building customer recognition. Medretur AS has gained support and collaboration from several professionals and organizations, who will contribute with guidance and industry knowledge and help minimize risks and challenges.


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