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STUD: Vilje Bionics - Assistive exoskeleton with motorized movement for individuals with arm impairment

Alternative title: STUD: Vilje Bionics - Et motorisert eksoskjelett som assisterer bevegelse for individer med kraftnedsettelse i arm.

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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2021 - 2022

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Imagine that you lose the opportunity to move your arms. Even the simplest tasks you face every day become a challenge. You need assistance to eat, drink, scratch your face and maintain your personal hygiene. Vilje Bionics develops an aid that aims to increase independence in the lives of persons with weakness in their arms. Through this project, Vilje Bionics aims to develop and try out an aid that assists movement in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and grip for ALS patients. The aid is a motorized exoskeleton, which means that it is placed on the user's arm and supports movement according to the user's commands. In this project, we will focus on the development of functionality to assist the user's grip. A second goal is to ensure a value chain that enables us to deliver a good and safe product at the right time and price. Several prototypes of the aid have already been developed. Through in-depth interviews with 13 patients, a clear need for such an aid has been identified. Vilje Bionics works closely with potential users to ensure that the result is as closely linked to the users' wishes and needs as possible. Through user-centered development, Vilje Bionics will make the aid MotOrtose available to ALS patients, making a difference in the lives of individuals in a challenging situation. Read more about us and about the project at


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