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Clinical Trial Site Accelerator Software - streamlining trial initiation making new treatment options available for patients – faster.

Awarded: NOK 0.30 mill.

Referring to "Nasjonal handlingsplan for kliniske studier", TrialAcc aims to reduce the time associated with initiating a clinical trial,– a procedure that may take up to 9 months. Once implemented, TrialAcc will benefit patients who will get access to experimental treatments quicker and reduce the workload on clinical staff. TrialAcc will increase the competitiveness of client hospitals in the global race to attract new clinical studies. Digital Adjuvant have engaged with OUS Utprøvingsenheten, Kreftforeningen and IT specialists from CGI to bring together a unique set of core user, patient and IT/healthtech experience to develop the TrialAcc solution. As a framework, which creates value through building on existing agreement templates and work processes, TrialAcc is well suited for integration with already existing solutions, such as CTIS, NorCRIN and Transcelerate´s Shared Investigator Platform (SIP). In the US, time-reducing software has brought clinical trial initiation down to weeks at selected sites. However, the solutions are expensive and address the needs of a different healthcare system. In Europe, platforms, such as SIP, are widely used in industry-financed trials today, but more rarely in academic trials mainly due to cost. And even though SIP is used by OUS the initiation time is still high (6-9 months). TrialAcc will be developed in close collaboration with OUS for a public funded healthcare system, and tailored to their needs. A different monetization model will be developed to make it available for both investigator and pharma-initiated trials. TrialAcc should be viewed as an add-on that creates speed not currently offered by other platforms, and with a business model different from the above mentioned solutions that enables us to offer the solution also to low-budget trials initiated by public research organisations. TrialAcc will offer integrations towards leading platform technologies to ensure a seamless user experience.

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