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KVAL: iSpe - inventory for supported psychological evaluation

Alternative title: iSpe - Inventorium for støttet psykologisk evaluering

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

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2021 - 2022

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How do you?tell?about your thoughts and feelings if you don?t know their words?? The project ?Intenventory?for supported?psychological?evaluation? (iSpe) has developed a unique user-centered self-reporting solution for the assessment of mental disorder, based on the needs of people with communication difficulties. With the?iSpe?platform, we aim to reduce unnecessary variation in quality and availability of mental health services to people in all ages that are more vulnerable for developing mental ill-health problems, and have lower capacity to cope with the problems. The overall goal for the?iSpe?project is to develop an international high-quality comprehensive solution for the assessment and treatment of mental disorders.? The impact of mental health on poor general health outcome and premature death is acknowledged by its inclusion in the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals. The World Health Organization addresses the need to increase access to quality mental health care. To meet current and future requirement to the mental health services, there is a need for digital tools to enhance the assessment and treatment of groups of people with a high prevalence of severe and complex mental health needs and to strengthen their health literacy and active participation in the services. This targets groups of people that, regardless of age, have difficulties expressing and advocating their mental health needs.?? Functional communication challenges are found in at least 20% of the population, including but not limited to, learning disabilities, drug use disorders, autism, dementia, aphasia, and schizophrenia. These groups have prevalence rates of a mental disorder up to 50%, but less access to quality services and care at all levels in the patient pathway. These groups are resource demanding for both the specialist and municipality service and care systems. The?iSpe?is developed on the bases of needs and in collaboration with such user groups.

The anxiety module of iSpe platform will empower people with mental disorders to participate in the examination and treatment of their mental health, improve the health service for an especially vulnerable and costly patient groups and reduce inequalities in treatment of mental disorders. The anxiety module of iSpe platform address two of the 17 sustainability goals presented by the United Nations (UN), goal number 3; good health and wellbeeing for people with cognitive impairment and goal number 10 to reduce inequalities, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations. The Creator app ensure cognitive design and a fast track to development of the next modules.

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