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GPCrefractory - Geopolymer concrete as a cost-effective and sustainable refractory material

Alternative title: GPCrefractory - Geopolymerbetong som et kostnadseffektivt og bærekraftig ildfast materiale

Awarded: NOK 4.8 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2024

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A series of R&D projects at the University of Stavanger (UiS) are behind significant competencies and innovations in the area of rock-based geopolymers, an eco-friendly construction material. Two patents have been granted and a third is pending - all licensed exclusively to the spin-off company SafeRock. Low permeability gives advantages when used in aggressive environments. In particular, the materials? ability to withstand high temperatures provides potential as a refractory material. While existing refractory materials have CO2 emissions of approx. 600 kg/ton, not taking into account typical production by coal-fired power plants in China and heavy logistics, SafeRock indicates a CO2 footprint for high-temperature-resistant geopolymer concrete produced in Norway of approx. 40 kg/ton. In this project, Saferock have made and tested geopolymers so far with a melting temperature ut to 1200C.

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