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BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena

New Automatic Tool Replacement System with Intelligent Machine Vision Features for the Machining Industry

Alternative title: Nytt system for automatisk verktøyoppsett med intelligente visionfunksjoner for verktøymaskinindustri

Awarded: NOK 15.1 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2025

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The BARTAMEUS project is aimed at a large global market for metal removal processes. It will develop new technology covered by a patent of Winow Automation, and previous work partially funded by Innovation Norway. During the project period the partners Conoptica, Mjøs Metallvare and Sintef Digital will further develop the technology together with Winow Automation, and the basis for a new product will be made which will reduce the need for repetitive physical labour, reduce costs, and also have a positive environmental effect by reduction of consumable use. Conoptica will further develop a product on the market in order to fit into Winow Automations autonomous cell, in addition to provide important vision technology and competence. Sintef Digital will develop a solution for artificial intelligence, which innovatively analyses data from the cell and becomes a basis for Big Data. Mjøs Metallvare is participating as an end user and to give important knowledge on the market requirements and in order to verify the developed solution.

The BARTIMAEUS project aims at developing a new technological solution for dealing with production bottlenecks and improving current management practices in the machining industry, namely through new advanced automation solutions. In the project, the consortium composed by 4 Norwegian partners, 3 SMEs and a Research Center, will make use of industry 4.0 technologies such as robotics, machine vision, artificial intelligence and data analytics for delivering an automatic system featuring advanced autonomy, adaptivity to changes in the surrounding environment and predictive capabilities. The proposed innovative system can help strengthening the competitiveness of Norwegian and European manufacturing companies, by increasing their sustainability (economic and environmental) and flexibility to changes in the market demand, and lead to substantial improvements in terms of working quality and health and safety for the workshop operators.

Funding scheme:

BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena