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BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena

ReCoMFi: Recycling of Composite Materials as Fillers

Alternative title: ReCoMFi: Gjennbruk av komposittmaterialler som fyllstoff

Awarded: NOK 9.0 mill.

Fibre reinforced plastics (FRPs) have wide range of applications, from piping of clean water, wind energy windmill blades and building construction articles, which offer society a quality of living with a long-lasting, sustainable and circular approach to the Earth's resources and climate change. However, FRP materials present a major challenge when it comes to recycling and managing waste from manufacturing processes due to their complex material compositions. It is imperative that FRP articles can offer a sustainable and circular approach to reuse and recycling as well as first time use. It will no longer be acceptable to incinerate or land-fill these potential valuable resources at end-of-life. New recycling approaches are needed so the recycled FRP material can find future use in new value streams and contribute further to sustainability goals. The recycled material must impart valuable mechanical properties and not only act as an inert filler in new material solutions. The ReCoMFi project has a goal to improve understanding of the FRP recycled material and develop new routes for its re-utilization in its parent application or even in new applications. The project will increase understanding of the psychical and chemical properties of the recycled material and how it can be modified to boost its properties to deliver the best performance when reused. All reuse must also be confirmed to deliver exacting product property requirements. This improved reuse for FRP materials will contribute to national, European and United Nations climate and sustainability goals in the future.

Fibre reinforced plastics (FRPs) have wide range of applications, but present major challenges when it comes to recycling end-of-life products and managing waste from manufacturing processes. In the ReCoMFi project (ReCoMFi: Recycling of Composite Materials as Fillers), the innovation concept is the re-use of mechanically ground FRP materials from end-of-life products and manufacturing waste as a filler material in new FRP products, to demonstrate closed loop recycling of materials within composites manufacturing industries. The implementation of this recycling concept will realise the opportunities to reduce the need for virgin FRP materials in new products, provide a positive value for waste from FRP manufacturing (which currently have a negative value - one must pay to dispose of them) and increase the useful life of FRP materials by reusing them in new products.

Funding scheme:

BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena