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An AI driven Algorithm for Mitigation & Resolution of technologic and scientific executional Crises & Risks , AITEM

Awarded: NOK 74,999

Application for ERVC Starting Grant 2021 The objective of the AITEM project is to develop an effective AI supported Algorithm for Mitigation or Resolution of technologic and scientific executional Crises & Risks. The AITEM algorithm shall be used for addressing current, developing and forecasted problems and dilemmas, and in such become a tool for risk and crises management and operators. In such, not just identify but also mitigate and solving dilemmas and problems. The algorithm will utilize effective process methods web based and other available data bases for the operator to execute the process and methods. Statistics and self-learning capabilities will form important qualities. The aim is making AITEM available for crises management for these to be better prepared, save time and stay in forefront of crises development, effectively utilizing vast available principles, standards, methods and experiences. The operators’ man machine interface and management and data presentation shall be effective and simple in form, thus not causing a high user barrier. This 3 years project will be executional supported by elected specialists and ISO based project execution procedures.