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Geo-Solve - Representative 4D geological digital models to reduce risks in construction projects

Awarded: NOK 74,999

Below ground (subsurface) conditions are a major cost and time hazard of any construction project. Competitors’ approach has been to use expensive and time-consuming equipment, as RADARs, to build 3D subsurface models or Geographical Information Systems, that mainly offer 2D surface information, with minor detail on subsurface. We offer Geo-SOLVE, the world’s first full scale digital 4D geological model. It enables fast and accurate access to the subsurface geology to sustainably plan, construct, operate and maintain infrastructures and urban resources. Unveiling the subsurface at the right timing in development brings a superior reduction in project risks (cost & time) over current solutions. We have developed and commercialized the basis of Geo-SOLVE for the Oil&Gas sector. Now, we want to become a leading provider of geotechnical online services for the construction sector, a traditional, yet highly likely to be disrupted sector, expected to reach $13.3trillion by 2027. Our customers will be infrastructure companies, property developers and municipalities, who will benefit from Geo-SOLVE even before the construction project starts, having online access to the subsurface data in our database. This enables a fast evaluation of the site to identify possible geotechnical restrictions, quantify risk/reward and plan short and targeted ground investigations. After the construction project start, add the data collected on site to the model, automatically obtain an easy-to-understand and accurate model of the subsurface, and a report to support decisions. Geotechnical information is obtained 80% faster and 60% cheaper than today, ensuring the projects stay on time and on budget, and social, ecological & environmental impacts are minimized. Leveraging on a first mover advantage, the EIC funding is critical to finalize the high-risk development and commercialization, to propel our scalability and support EU as a geotechnical analysis standard maker.

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