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Game-changing autonomous robot for chemical-free plant protection in vines

Awarded: NOK 74,999

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2021 - 2022


Fungicide use in European wine grape production is concerning. European wineries account for almost 2/3 of the fungicide use in Europe, but only use 4% of the agricultural land. This results in residues from pesticides in the food and has negative effects on the environment. In addition, grapevine growers face challenges due to fungicide resistance. Saga Robotics develop fully autonomous robots that treat vines with a UV light at night. The UV has huge potential in controlling outbreaks of powdery mildew in vines, eliminating the need for fungicides and other chemicals. We thus present an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional treatment at a competitive cost to the grower. Saga’s robots are tool carriers that will be equipped with a wide range of tools. Due to the strong demand from wine makers and end users to use less chemicals in wine production, the first service that Saga will deliver is UV light treatment, as early trials show that UV can outperform fungicides.