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SentiBlocks – modular sensor fusion for autonomous operation and robot systems

Alternative title: SentiBlocks - modulær sensor fusion for aautonome operasjoner og robot systemer

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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2021 - 2022

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The current development of robots and autonomous systems is growing rapidly and entering into an increasing number of market segments, from transportation and agriculture to mining and production. The intelligence of autonomous systems and robots critically depends on the ability to fuse data from multiple sensors for perception, navigation and remote sensing tasks such as mapping, monitoring or surveillance. SentiSystems AS develops a novel platform solution for real-time sensor data processing within robots and autonomous systems for ground, water and air. The platform solution will provide a complete "plug-and-play" package for navigational sensor integration in autonomous systems and robots, saving the end-user both time and high development costs and reduces implementation risk.

The outcome of the project is to remove one of the largerst error sources in todays sensor fusion systems that is caused by inaccuracy of sensor data synchronization. Hence, performance of robot system is improved and safety in autonomous operations increased. Developers of autonomous systems are enabled to increase speed of developement, develop safer systems as well as reduce costs. Increased use of AI, autonomous systems and robotics are engines or catalysts for economic growth, increased productivity, sustainability and quality of life. The technical solutions developed in this project provide functionality at low levels in the value chain, hence the benefits to society and sustainability are mainly disseminated through the improved products of the end-users.

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