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E!115324 DolPOD - Efficient, sustainable and bioinspired electric marine propulsion system

Alternative title: E!115324 DolPOD - Effektiv, bærekraftig og bioinspirert elektrisk marin fremdriftsløsning

Awarded: NOK 4.5 mill.

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2021 - 2023

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The aim of the project has been to develop new technology for maritime propulsion that is clean, quiet and efficient compared to existing maritime propulsion solutions. By combining DolPorop's fluke technology with our POD technology, this has proven possible. The project's main goal has been to develop a pre-commercial prototype for a new maritime propulsion system based on a combination of fluke and POD technology. This goal was achieved and the functionality of the technology proven through full-scale tests with commercial hulls from Strana E-boats.

The expected outcome of the project was to demonstrate the advantages of combining pod technology with genetic engineering in order to achieve increased efficiency and a lower noise level. The project results show an efficiency at the level of expected results. Lower noise is follow as an inevitable effect of the fluke not cavitating, which is one of the main sources of the problematic underwater noise caused by traditional propulsion systems. Further and more detailed measurements of this will be made in coming development stages.

We will develop an ultra-efficient electric maritime propulsion system—DolPOD. The system integrates SeaDrive’s state-of-the-art electric pods with Dolprop’s bioinspired cavitation-free fluke propulsion. Combining SeaDrive’s high energy-to-work conversion efficiency with Dolprop’s minimal-loss fluke propulsion, we’ll introduce a sustainable and affordable alternative to fossil-powered maritime propulsion. This project’s primary outcome will be a new maritime propulsion system. The prototype will integrate SeaDrive’s electric pods—with powers ranging from 3.5 to 30kW—and Dolprop’s bioinspired fluke propulsion element. The resulting system will be suitable for small and medium-sized commercial and recreational vessels.

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