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First RINGS International Workshop

Awarded: NOK 0.15 mill.

This project funds a workshop that is organized by the SCAR Action Group RINGS and hosted by the Norwegian Polar Institute between 9-12 March, 2022. We anticipate to have about 50 participants whose expertises are (1) Antarctic contributions to the sea-level change, (2) airborne geophysics, (3) satellite remote sensing, (4) glaciology, (5) oceanography, and (6) climatology, as well as (7) Antarctic logistics support. Following a series of reviews highlighting the key scientific goals of the RINGS activities, two breakout discussion sessions are planned to develop priority lists of scientific agenda and implement them in individual geographical regions in Antarctica. The outcome of this workshop will be submitted as a peer-review artcile, which is the final deliverable of the Action Group that will ends by March 2023.

Funding scheme: