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More efficient and effective multimodal freight transport nodes

Awarded: NOK 69,999

The project will establish a consortium in response to the EU call for proposal HORIZON-CL5-2021-D6-01-07. Collaboration has already started with organisations like: Newcastle University - UK, CERTH -GR, ILIM -PL, Fraunhofer - DE, DLR - DE, NTUA - GR and others. Potential Norwegian partners are, in addition to MIXMOVE: SINTEF Digital, SINTEF Mobility and Economics, BaneNor, ITS Norway, TOI, CargoNet and others related to the operation of logistics terminals in Oslo and Bergen. One ambition of the Norwegian partners is to provide a convincing pilot implementation of the relevant project results. The EU project will address the following areas: 1. Modular and interoperable Intermodal Transport Units - aiming to contribute to international standards for Transport Units. 2. New solutions for ICT in Freight Transport - relating the more important role that logistics nodes will need to be assigned in order to ensure the best possible use of transportation resources and smart use of all transport modes. 3. Business models and social innovation - aiming to prove sustainability with regard to viability Pilot implementations will play an important role in the CONFIDENT project.

Funding scheme: