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Justice for a sustainable transition (Just4SustTrans)

Awarded: NOK 0.40 mill.

The project will provide an analysis of spatial differences of socio-economic impacts of climate-mitigation measures in the European green transition, across ten European countries, their labour markets, sectors and regions. The project will also provide insights on the repercussions for different social groups. The project will develop knowledge about injustices and conflicts caused by the European green transition. The project will provide a better understanding of the arenas where climate change and climate mitigation related injustices are articulated and mobilized and how these injustices can be addressed through legal procedures and how legal empowerment of vulnerable social groups can be organized. The project will provide policy analyses which will inform policy recommendations for the design of inclusive, socially fair and economically viable transition plans. The project will deliver knowledge about how transition policies can deal more pro-actively with injustices and unequal impacts of transitional change in the field of energy and mobility and related sectors, and will co-design policy frameworks which enhance inclusiveness of vulnerable social groups The project will provide a better understanding of how combining climate and environmental benefits with intra- and intergenerational climate justice scan overcome socio-economic and socio-political barriers for a just transition and will deliver insights on policy options and measures which can reduce poverty and inequality across different sectors of society, as well as within and between countries and regions.

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