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ACC - a new approach to sustainable salmon aquaculture based on a preventive solution to sea lice (PES EIC A. Horizon Europe)

Awarded: NOK 74,999

Project Number:


Project Period:

2021 - 2022



As per the stage-1 proposal abstract, Blue Lice is addressing a significant commercial, societal and environmental opportunity: The global population will reach 9.7bn by 2050, which will strain food supplies and increase food protein demand by 50%. Aquaculture is critical to meet this challenge but faces environmental and economic challenges. In salmon farming, sea lice infestations represent the main limiting factor to growth. Pesticides are currently used, posing hazards to non-target species, and over-reliance has led to lice tolerance. Non-chemical delousing solutions produce stress, injury, and fish mortality, in addition to the risk of escapes. ACC is a preventive solution that captures 50% of sea lice in the larval stage before they can reproduce, reducing sea lice levels by >93% in 35 months. The patented solution uses attractants to lure larvae to active traps, eliminating treatments, removing handling and reducing fish mortality by 60–75%. Direct sea lice-related costs will go from €0.36 to €0.04 per kg produced. The effort underpins Blue Lice’s growth plan, expecting accumulated revenues of €m 82 in 5 years.

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