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KVAL: Torsional vibration measurements for online monitoring of ship propulsion system (OnlineProp)

Alternative title: Torsjonsvibrasjonsmåling for online overvåking av skipets drivlinje (OnlineProp)

Awarded: NOK 0.29 mill.

Classical machinery condition monitoring (CM) methods based on time and frequency domains analysis of translational vibrations are not sufficient for early-stage fault diagnosis of some faults which are more connected to the system torsional dynamics. Torsional analysis e.g. based on the measurements of encoders can be combined with today's standard translational vibration-based CM to provide a more detailed picture of system dynamics and excitations. The latter is then used to support earlier stage fault detection of ship driveline components, which can reduce unexpected shutdowns and consequent downtimes, lessen the risk of loss of propulsion systems, optimize the scheduled maintenance, and support operational ship decision-making. Through our research, a solution has been developed for this, and the main objective of this project is to perform a lab-scale verification of key algorithms in the new method for fault diagnosis and residual life estimation in our new ship propulsion system CM solution.

vi kunne ikke komme med målene i dette prosjektet - se gjerne sluttrapporten - og derfor vi har ikke oppdaterte oppnådde og potensielle virkninger og effekter

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