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PROFESJON-Forskningskompetanse for utvalgte profesjonsutdanninger

Norwegian Research School for Early Childhood Education (NORCHILD)

Alternative title: Norsk Forskerskole for barnehageforskning (NORBARN)

Awarded: NOK 0

As a response to a host of challenges of enhancing quality and continuous professional development in the sector of Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC), NORCHILD pursues the provision of a world-class PhD training programme within early childhood research, thereby enhancing the quality of PhD education in the area of early childhood teacher education (TED) and ECEC work-life sector and establishing transferable skills that link ECEC more directly with work life. NORCHILD is committed to providing future ECEC leaders with transferable skills that will boost the quality of the ECEC sector. In addition, NORCHILD will create a debate hub about Nordic ECEC. It will encourage the development of dispositions that promote education for sustainability in the ECEC work-life sector, moving towards a co-creative and negotiating research paradigm. This way, NORCHILD will elevate the quality and relevance of Norwegian doctoral education through renewal and quality development and high-quality and relevant professional training by supplementing traditional PhD training with extra teaching and learning resources and other transferable skills tailored to the needs of PhD candidates. NORCHILD will also offer courses that explain new methods and approaches developed to contribute to increased interaction between academia and other societal actors through research training. NORCHILD constitutes an active network of supervisors, mentors and researchers in TED research communities and key personnel in Norwegian municipalities through The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) and Kanvas Foundation. At the very least, the school will enrol 70 candidates. The estimates of the number of PhD candidates are 70. NORCHILD will provide core courses, each granting 5 ECTS points, elective mini-courses, each granting 3 ECTS points and courses on demand (Transferable Skills), each granting a maximum of 3 ECTS points.

Funding scheme:

PROFESJON-Forskningskompetanse for utvalgte profesjonsutdanninger