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TEKNOKONVERGENS-Teknologikonvergens - grensesprengende forskning og radikal innovasjon

New, ultra-efficient, non-antibiotic anti-bactericidal gel for clinical decontaminations of ailing bone-anchored implants

Alternative title: ikke-antibiotisk gel for dekontaminering av benforankrede implantater

Awarded: NOK 8.8 mill.

Bacterial may adhere to dental implant surfaces and newer studies shows that the accumulation of such bacteria forms biofilms. Such biofilm formation is a rising problem with dental implants as its affect the tissue around the implant. The tissue get inflame and bone around implant disappears. If the bone loss is not dealt with, the implant can fall out. Corticalis has developed a new gel that can remove this biofilms without the use of antibiotics and it has different ways of removing the bacteria. This project will continue to develop this gel into more efficient debridement tool.

Corticalis AS has developed NuBone Gel - a novel and patented gel for the abolishment of oral biofilms that, in severe cases, induce bone degradation, tooth loss and dental implants failure. Our product’s biomimetic mode of action and its multiple effect, both antibacterial and abrasive to enable debridement, allows for an ultra-effective, safe and predictable biofilm removal. Corticalis will lead the project, which will focus on product maturation, preparation of the market launch and commercialization of our non-antibiotic-based product. The main barriers for Corticalis going forward are related to prevailing technical and market-related challenges. This project will enable performing the final optimization on packaging, preparing a pilot production to supply testing activities and clinical studies to reach the CE certification, demonstrating the product to end-users (dentists, hygienists, dental surgeons and patients), and preparing the market launch in Europe and US. This RCN program provides a unique opportunity for Corticalis to showcase the potential of our innovation and gain market intelligence. The completion of the project objectives is important for ensuring a successful entrance to the market and commercialization of our innovative gel product.

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TEKNOKONVERGENS-Teknologikonvergens - grensesprengende forskning og radikal innovasjon