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AAL-Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme

Managing cognitivE decliNe throuGh theatre therapy, Artificial intelliGence and social robots drivEn interventions

Alternative title: Bruk av maskinlæring, teaterterapi og sosiale roboter som intervensjonsteknikker i håndteringen av nedsatt kognitiv funksjonsevne

Awarded: NOK 3.7 mill.

The engAGE project - Managing cognitivE decliNe throuGh theatre therapy, Artificial intelliGence and social robots drivEn interventions - is aimed at people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and their support persons (e.g., family members, health professionals and organisations). The project aims to combat and possibly slow down the progression of cognitive impairment in people either with MCI diagnosis or based on their own experience of no longer remembering very well. We will exploit their remaining cognitive ability and support the well-being of the target group through innovative use of advanced technologies such as machine learning, non-invasive use of sensor technology, self-reporting and stimulation of the cognitive function via enjoyable social activities (drama play and storytelling). The use of social robots will be used especially in the latter area. An international team consisting of partners from Romania, Switzerland, Italy and Norway will research and develop new technology solutions and conduct trials among end-users in all four countries. The goal is to arrive at solutions with commercialisation potential within both technology infrastructure and end-user technology.

The engAGE project aims to combat and slow down cognitive decline progression, to enhance the intrinsic capacity of the users, and to support the well-being of older persons with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) by providing an ecosystem of services based on an innovative system that integrates social robots, IoT-based monitoring, and machine learning techniques. engAGE targets the challenges and needs of elders with MCI, family caregivers, and healthcare professionals. engAGE unique selling proposition lies in the innovative and rather complete approach to the self-management of older adults’ cognitive decline by joining non-invasive IoT and self-reporting monitoring, machine learning-based cognitive assessment, and social robot-driven interventions in terms of coaching for activities self-management (step-wise instructions and reminders), cognitive function stimulation via fun and enjoyable social activities (drama play and memories storytelling). Commercialisation activity leader is Tellu a large enterprise with good expertise in commercialising AAL&IoT solutions closely supported by IRIS Robotics which is commercialising robot-based solutions. The envisioned route to market is targeting B2B2C as the main route while also considering B2C as the secondary path. In the first case, the target is healthcare professionals or organisations who want to monitor and follow up their patients with MCI and while in the second case the older adults with MCI and their family members. The business case exploits the engAGE unique selling features and builds on revenue streams identified for each target group featuring market push and pull strategies for commercializing the outcomes in 24 months after the project ends and an outreach and dissemination strategy that foresees the definition of specific message for the main target audience such as people suffering from MCI and their caregivers, healthcare professionals and organization, the general public, potential investors, etc.

Funding scheme:

AAL-Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme