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Actionable insights solutions

Alternative title: Anvendbare innsiktsløsninger

Awarded: NOK 2.5 mill.

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2022 - 2025

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In collaboration with NTNU, NHH, and leading researchers around the world, we will create actionable insights solutions™ customized to all stakeholders and establish the foundations for building holistic business management solutions. We will base our work on an interdisciplinary approach, deep and broad business insights and competencies, digital twins and siblings, big and small data cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and analytics, dynamic systems, feedback loops, relevant and enriched data of high-quality, on a scalable ICT and analytics platform. Our actionable customer insights solutions™ will operationalize and couple external factors with our new and modern value chains for customers and enterprises. This will enable us to utilise all types of analytics (descriptive, diagnostic, data, predictive, prescriptive, and extended) to gain actionable insights into the relationship between the enterprises’ portfolios, activities, qualities, and results in the modern enterprise value chain and customer behaviour, channels, content, and the phases of the modern customer value chain, conditioned on external factors. Our actionable sustainability solutions™ will operationalise international sustainability standards from the UN, EU, and ISO, enable measurement of sustainability in activities, tasks, processes, and value chains, and introduce a holistic and congruent measure of sustainability. Our actionable organizational health solutions™ will identify, measure, and integrate essential factors that are commonly not measured, e.g., soft factors and processes tied to owners, the board of directors, and leaders (i.e., overarching processes).

The project will establish actionable insights solutions for customers, sustainability, and organizational health, customized to all stakeholders. We will phase several research challenges, but the solutions offer great potential. * construct and couple new and modern value chains for enterprises and customers and implement on a scalable, technical platform supported by big data cybernetics and digital twins. * fix ANN and DL algorithms’ slow response to shocks by combining and bridging short-term, medium-term, and long-term big data cybernetics modelling. * repair the shortcomings in the UN’s sustainability measures. * measure what has not been (properly) measured or integrated before (e.g., external factors, soft factors, overarching processes, and feedback loops in dynamic business management solutions) and integrate them in a holistic, sustainable, congruent, scalable, interactive, and dynamic business management solution. * identify the necessary conditions for establishing an organization driven by actionable insights.

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