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Alternative title: Self-sustaining speculum (SSS) and prefilled induction catheter (PICO)

Awarded: NOK 0.47 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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This innovation project involves the development of new and improved equipment for use in the induction of labor. Induction of labor before a natural start of delivery is necessary due to a variety of conditions and circumstances concerning both the woman and the child. The current practice is placing a balloon catheter through the cervix into the pregnant uterus, causing release of hormones that in turn stimulates birth. The equipment used for this procedure is a speculum made for non-pregnant women with a male urinary catheter. Neither the speculum nor the catheter is made for the procedure of inducing labour, therefore, several aspects of the current equipment is unsatisfying. The inadequate equipment may make the procedure unnecessary difficult for the health professional and painful for the patient. The procedure is sometimes interrupted due to user failure or challenging anatomical conditions, the equipment causes poor hygienic and aesthetic conditions through the duration of the procedure. Our aim is to develop a speculum especially designed for the anatomical conditions of the pregnant women. This will cause a better view for the doctor and less discomfort to the patient. A better view causes a faster procedure and higher success rate of the procedure. Further, we want to develop a catheter specially design for induction of labor, considering the anatomical conditions of the woman and the requirements of such a catheter for induction of labor. This will cause less discomfort during the insertion of the catheter and through the period where the catheter is placed into the pregnant uterus. Our main aim is to give the woman a better experience of the induction procedure, less need of hospitalization, better effect of the treatment and better results of induced labors

Dette kvalifiseringsprosjektet har designet og patentert nytt medisinsk utstyr for å forbedre prosedyren "oppstart av fødsel med ballong". Produktene skal gjennom "proof of consept" videreutvikles frem til produksjon og CE-merking.

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