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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

International Research School AI in Bergen

Awarded: NOK 99,999

The International Artificial Intelligence in Bergen Research School aims at disseminating recent advances on AI. It is mainly intended for master and Ph.D. students, postdocs, and researchers wishing to learn more about the theme of the research school. In 2022, the broad theme of the school is: Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning. In particular, the research school will address the fact that knowledge graphs integrate data from multiple data sources, with different levels of trust and contextual information. Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning are research topics with many recent advancements and are highly relevant both for academia and industry. The event will be co-located with a workshop funded by the Norwegian Research Council within the project “Learning Description Logic Ontologies”. The research school will help to attract interested international and national participants to the workshop, who will be invited to present their work in oral and poster sessions. We expect that around 50 participants attend the research school. We will invite experts in the field to review the lecture notes. Each chapter will receive 2 to 3 reviews, which will verify the content, quality, and didactic extent of the manuscripts. The events are planned to take place from June 7th to 11th in 2022 (see preliminary schedule attached to this application). The research school will have six lectures. We plan to publish the lecture notes using the OASIcs proceedings. We plan to make the registration free of charge. More detailed information can be found at

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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon