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Sustainble Directional Drilling system

Awarded: NOK 74,999

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2022 - 2022


We have developed a unique and environmental friendly drilling solution/technology for drilling holes for pressure shafts from mountain based water reservoirs to small and medium sized hydropower plants. The solution enables the drilling of approximately 5 meter pr hour vs. existing solutions which manages to drill maximum 0,4 meter per hour, with minimal wear and tear on the drill string and at less than 1/3 of costs pr meter drilled. In addition the technology and solution is the only drilling process that is compliant with emission regulations connected to drilling. The solutions consist of a unique mobile and removable torque reducer that is clamped on to the drilling string in order to reduce friction and ensure that the power of the drilling string is directed towards the drilling of the hole. The technology does not only ensure that we increase meters drilled per hour, but also reduced the need for lubricant significantly - thus almost eliminating emissions.

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