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Blockchain Network for the Norwegian Food Industry

Alternative title: Blokkjede-nettverket for den norske næringsmiddelindustrien

Awarded: NOK 0.80 mill.

BlockMatNet will create a network of Norwegian stakeholders involved and interested in the use of blockchain technology in the food industry. Background Increased traceability in the food supply chain will increasingly have a positive impact on society in terms of food safety, food authenticity, sustainability and consumer’s trust. Blockchain based systems applied to food supply chains provide new possibilities to achieve this goal by providing more interoperability and data sharing regarding the food production and thus a better overview for authorities and end-consumers. In addition, blockchain technology inherently prevents tampering with recorded data, and provides a link to the identity of the person who recorded the data. Goal Establish a durable 30+ member Norwegian network of industry, solution providers, research, and other organisations working with blockchain technology and create a website with dynamic generation of content. What we do BlockMatNet is a stand-alone project designed to set up and sustain a network for users, solution providers, and researchers working with blockchain solutions for / in the Norwegian food industry. The BlockMatNet network will make future national collaboration in this area easier, and it will prepare for extended Norwegian participation in future calls in this area, both from industry participants, solution providers, and research organizations. BlockMatNet will create a website and digital newsletters in Norwegian targeted towards Norwegian stakeholders and will host two plenary meetings in Norway with a focus on relevant blockchain experiences of implementation.

BlockMatNet will create a network of Norwegian stakeholders involved and interested in the use of blockchain technology in the food industry. This is a rapidly expanding research and innovation area, with many Norwegian organizations, industry actors, solution providers, and research partners working in this field, but there is currently no common forum where they can meet, discuss, and exchange views and practices. BlockMatNet will alleviate this situation by establishing a network with at least 30 members, by producing newsletters, by setting up a dynamic website with a discussion forum and links to relevant news stories, articles, reports, conferences, and initiatives, and by hosting at least two plenary network meetings. BlockMatNet has been designed to interact with EU-China-Safe, an ongoing H2020 project and DisruptAqua, an ongoing NPA project. These projects contain outreach activities designed to both disseminate and communicate research output to interested parties, and activities designed to elicit preferences and requirements from stakeholders to inform the planned research, innovation, and standardization activities. BlockMatNet will ensure that Norwegian blockchain organizations are in a position to utilize the outputs from these projects, and also that the views and preferences of Norwegian stakeholders are taken into consideration in the upcoming research and standardization activities. Upcoming European research work programmes (Horizon Europe in particular) indicate numerous funding opportunities for blockchain related research; in particular the HORIZON-CL6-2021-FARM2FORK-01-07 call “Research & innovation roadmap for blockchain technologies in the agri-food sector”. BlockMatNet will engage and inform relevant Norwegian organizations about these calls and ensure significant Norwegian participation in future European calls and projects in this area.

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