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The effects of warming climate on parasite-reindeer dynamics in the Arctic.

Awarded: NOK 40,177

An ecosystem is shaped by species that interact with each other (herbivory, predation, and parasitism), but species dynamics can be influenced by abiotic conditions as for example increasing temperature due to climate change. However, how climate change affects parasites and consequently their host is still not well understood. Therefore, in my PhD project I will focus on understanding the effect of climate change on parasites and consequently the interaction with their host, by using the parasitic nematode – reindeer dynamics in the Arctic. I will conduct 1) a comparative study to investigate if egg and parasite abundance has changed in 20 years, 2) an experimental study to investigate how climate affects life history traits and behaviour of parasites and 3) a theoretical study to project the effect of climate on parasite-reindeer dynamics.

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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum