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Making ICT4COP Findings Accessible and Applicable in Norway

Alternative title: Gjøre ICT4COP-funn tilgjengelige og anvendelige i Norge

Awarded: NOK 0.80 mill.

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The project will focus on the effective dissemination of the findings, results and materials generated in the ICT4COP project to relevant stakeholders in Norway. This is an important activity, since Norway is a major contributor to post-conflict reform processes internationally. We have identified a range of stakeholders in Norway who we know will benefit from engaging with ICT4COP results, that fall within three categories: academia, policy, and civil society. Each have their particular needs and interests: In academia, dissemination will focus on curriculum development, both for students and practitioners. There are several educational programs i.e. international relations, policing, development studies and peace building that would directly benefit from the inclusion of the perspectives and cases studies addressed in the CT4COP research. For policymakers, dissemination will focus on targeted meetings and workshops with discussions on how the findings might be included in Norway's foreign and development policy (external and internal), and policies of international organizations in which Norway is active i.e. the EU and UN. For civil society organizations, dissemination will focus on how to use the e-handbook and e-learning content in their work in post-conflict regions, as they are often heavily engaged in capacity-building activities. There will also be an effort to reach a wider public through the production of a digital story and/or film on the importance of understanding the challenges, dilemmas and opportunities for change inherent in the post-conflict police reform processes with which Norwegian stakeholders work. The dissemination process will begin with an upstart workshop, where a network of Norwegian stakeholders from all three categories will be formed and detailed plans made for the work for the duration of the project. The dissemination will be interactive, maximizing impact, where the use of the results are grounded in the needs of the stakeholders.

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