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Toolbox for intEgrated multi-vector Energy islands in NOrway

Alternative title: Verktøykasse for sektorkobling av lokale energisamfunn i Norge

Awarded: NOK 0.80 mill.

The project aims at transferring knowledge and technology from the H2020 project E-LAND to a broad Norwegian audience connected to energy sector especially focusing on the key identified beneficiaries, i.e., ports and energy communities. The H2020 E-LAND project has developed a toolbox with a modular set of methodologies and ICT tools to optimally manage Multi-vector local energy systems. The toolbox consists of: i) technological tools comprising demand and supply (across multiple energy vectors) forecasting tool, optimal scheduler for short term asset operation planning, simulation-based long term investment planning tool and customized enterprise service bus to digitally integrate different energy assets, ii) business model innovation tool for developing innovative business models for energy communities, and iii) community engagement methodology. The E-LAND project integrates different energy vectors (e.g. electricity, heat and gas) including storage in a local energy system through the developed E-LAND modular Toolbox. The modular toolbox can be customized to meet local requirements and can be expanded to incorporate new tools as new challenges arise. This project aims to ensure Norwegian energy sector actors have the opportunity and support to exploit the results. Eight strategic activities were implemented to target Norwegian energy stakeholders across the country. These activities are 1 symposium, 1 webinar, 1 port event, 1 dedicated workshop with the energy community and participation in 4 additional events. The port event showcased the application of E-LAND tools at Port of Borg, the pilot site located in Fredrikstad. Sessions in these events had open discussions on energy challenges faced by the stakeholders in the Nordic context, and how E-LAND tools can be applied to solve the challenges. Possible future collaborations with SIN & E-LAND partners in national & international horizon projects were promoted.

The activities that were organized during the course of implementation of the E-NO project witnessed enthusiastic participation from 200+ participants in total. This immense interest and engagement of various stakeholders during the eight activities conducted to present the H2020 E-LAND, helped in increasing the network and visibility of SIN in Norway. Overall, the activities conducted in the E-NO project facilitated in reaching out to the relevant and important stakeholders who benefit from the outcomes and results of the H2020 E-LAND project. Thus, It can be concluded that the funding opportunities provided to Smart Innovation Norway by the Research Council of Norway in this case of the E-NO project for disseminating the project outcomes of the H2020 E-LAND project is effective and necessary to exploit the key outcomes from the Horizon Europe projects in Norway.

E-NO project will maximize impact from the H2020 E-LAND project in Norway by disseminating the project results to relevant actors associated with energy communities (isolated, rural and urban), and ports and to provide Norwegian actors a vibrant platform to access international partners for collaboration in Horizon Europe funding scheme. The aim is to introduce the E-LAND toolbox with its community, business and technology layers for Norwegian actors to increase the opportunities for Norwegian actors to benefit from the EU project outcomes. To acheive this 4 events are targeted which involves 1 webinar for energy solutions related actors including communities and municipalities, 1 dedicated workshop with the relevant community in Norway, 1 symposium under a bigger Norwegian event related to energy, and 1 full-day event at the port of Borg to showcase E-LAND pilot. E-LAND tools have immense potential in decarbonizing ports, therefore, a full one-day port event shall be organized to showcase learning from E-LAND project pilot towards Norwegian ports. To facilitate easy dissemination of H2020 E-LAND various dissemination material (project sheet, product sheet, pilot sheet, etc) will be created in Norwegian. These dissemination materials will be distributed in all the organized event as well as parallel channels of Smart Innovation Norway, i.e., business networks, municipality network of Smart Cities department, 2 business clusters and incubator.

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