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FMETEKN-FME - teknologi

Norwegian centre for hydrogen value chain research

Alternative title: Forskningssenter for bærekraftige hydrogenverdikjeder

Awarded: NOK 120.0 mill.

To achieve national and global carbon emission targets, particularly from the transport and industry sectors, there is an urgent need for alternatives to fossil fuels. Electrification and battery technology is not sufficient for this purpose, due to charging times, space required, and limits in power generation. Hydrogen can fill this technology gap, but energy requirements, societal preparedness, and commercial viability are all current obstructions. The HyValue research centre for environmental-friendly energy shall contribute to solving these challenges. Hydrogen-based energy carriers generate zero carbon emissions when used to generate power. Nonetheless, if emissions are to be avoided, production of these energy carriers also needs to be emission-free. This means that clean and renewable energy, such as hydro-, wind-, or solar power must be used as energy sources. Alternatively, the CO2 generated in the hydrogen production process must be captured and stored. The HyValue research centre assembles a broad cross-disciplinary consortium of national and international research partners with cutting-edge expertise in hydrogen related technical, economic, legal and societal fields of research. The centre research spans from studies of new, energy-efficient methods for production of hydrogen and ammonia, to how the hydrogen sector can be matured as a technical system in society. To achieve the latter, HyValue will also provide new knowledge to assess and improve risk assessments for hydrogen transport systems and value chains. Equally important is research on economic and regulatory barriers that must be overcome to establish a resilient hydrogen energy sector. The relevance of the research activities will be secured through the centre user partners, which represent leading national and international industrial firms as well as key public partners.

The proposed FME-centre HyValue aims to facilitate the safe and sustainable development of value chains for hydrogen and hydrogen-based energy carriers in industry and society. It will be run in close collaboration between research- and user partners. International cooperation and researcher training will be included in the centre. A deep transition to hydrogen-based energy carriers can only be achieved through a holistic approach including technical solutions, economic incentives, regulatory framework, societal and environmental impact and risk. HyValue takes a broad technical-economic-societal-environmental perspective, addressing hydrogen and ammonia value chains, business models, overarching policy and system integration issues. The centre will: - explore methods for hydrogen and ammonia production, targeting novel technologies for significant increase in energy efficiency and corresponding cost reduction - exploit and develop solutions for transport, storage and filling/ bunkering of hydrogen-based fuels - analyse maritime value chains and study regulations and economic incentives to avoid barriers and promote business models for hydrogen and ammonia - develop a novel framework for assessing the strength of knowledge in risk assessments for hydrogen and ammonia systems - frame the technology development and business models in a societal embeddedness context and document the total emission of greenhouse gases for hydrogen and ammonia value chains The holistic approach adopted by the HyValue consortium will secure that the research supports the overall ambition to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy, bringing about new technical solutions as well as empowering Norwegian industry with methods and tools that can enable the development of profitable products and services. HyValue will increase the national and international competitiveness on hydrogen-based solutions for implementation in society, with maritime application as the main driver.

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FMETEKN-FME - teknologi