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Reducing food chain GHG emissions through a Norwegian industry perspective

Alternative title: Reduksjon av klimagassutslipp fra matindustri i et norsk perspektiv

Awarded: NOK 0.80 mill.

The food industry is a significant source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To solve this urgent problem, we have to develop and implement new solutions and technology and ensure a more sustainable food production. CONNECT will make the H2020 project ENOUGH more visible and relevant to the Norwegian food industry. This will be done through communication with the industry to map their needs, share results from the main project and together figure out how the results can be implemented in Norway. The main project ENOUGH will develop new technology and methods for the European food chain to ensure reduction in GHG emissions. CONNECT will tailor these solutions to the Norwegian industry by connecting with two of the largest food sectors in the country, namely the seafood and meat sector. Workshops will be arranged to build a strong network with a common understanding and motivation towards a sustainable food production, and also to map the needs of the current production practice. The next workshops will focus on solutions - how can promising technology be implemented in the given sector to obtain emission reduction, and where is the need for more research? During the project lifetime, there will be a focus on communication to different target groups. To ensure a true change, results from research are not enough - they need to be implemented by the industry, and the consumers must take active choices to support them. Relevant and transferable results from both projects will therefore be actively shared to demonstrate promising solutions for emission reduction to the industry. This will be done through written information material and participation in relevant conferences. To create awareness about sustainable food production and the importance of consumer choices, information will be shared through blogs, news articles and other media. These activities will boost the project impact by increasing interest and awareness among both industry and consumer.

CONNECT will investigate the challenges and potential in reduction of GHG emissions from the Norwegian food chain as a part of strengthening the Norwegian participation and boosting impact in the H2020 project ENOUGH. During a period of 2 years, stakeholders in the meat and seafood sector will be targeted through 4 workshops (2 per sector) and produced information material. The first workshops will focus on building network in the Norwegian food industry in addition to mapping the needs and challenges in the specific sector. The last workshops will assess potential solutions to reduce GHG emissions. The information material will disseminate results from CONNECT as well as relevant emerging results from ENOUGH. Communication will also happen through participation in relevant trade conferences/meetings. To communicate the importance of the project and increase awareness among the public, consumers will be targeted through blogs, popular science papers, trade journals and other media. Through these activities, impact will be boosted by making the results more applicable in addition to increasing the interest and awareness within the industry.

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