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Dissemination of results from FIThydro and adaptation to Norwegian conditions

Alternative title: Formidling av resultater fra FIThydro og tilpasning til norske forhold

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

The project will disseminate results from the EU-funded project FIThydro that developed innovative solutions, methods, models, tools and devices for environmental-friendly hydropower production. The project will give training in the use of methods and models to assist the Norwegian hydropower sector and authorities in finding good solutions for sustainable and environmental-friendly hydropower operations.

This project seeks additional funding to disseminate and expand results from the Horizon2020 FIThydro project, which focused on developing cataloguing and developing solutions, methods, tools, and devices (SMTDs) to enable self-sustainable fish populations in hydropower-regulated rivers. The FIThydro project additionally developed a number of resources to help choose the most appropriate and cost-effective mitigation measures, such as the Decision Support System (DSS), the Fish Population Hazard Index, the Hydropeaking Tool, a multicriteria Bayesian Network decision analysis tool (BN) and the FIThydro wiki. The FIThydro-FORSTERK project aims to disseminate these results and resources to Norwegian hydropower stakeholders (hydropower companies, national and regional authorities, consultants, policy makers, researchers and the general public) through workshops, one-to-one meetings, scientific publications, seminars/webinars and social media and communication posts. Project results and tools will be adapted to Norwegian conditions, and widely explained and disseminated within the target group. The impact of these activities can lead to increased knowledge and competence about environmental mitigation of hydropower-related challenges, and the selection of the most suitable mitigation measures implemented in a cost-effective manner. The project will be relevant for several of the UN sustainable development goals and can help Norway reach its climate targets through hydropower upgrades and expansions in an environmentally sustainable way. The resources provided will facilitate a knowledge-based discussion among stakeholders and interest groups, and will make decisions by the authorities more transparent, and knowledge focused by using FIThydro outcomes.

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