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Sustainable and compact Thermal Energy Storage Solutions, using Phase Change Materials

Alternative title: Bærekraftig og kompakt termisk energilagring løsning med bruk av faseendringsmaterialer

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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2022 - 2023

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PCM-TESS is a commercialisation initiative from SINTEF Energy Research to achieve thermal energy storage based on phase change materials (PCM). The support from the Research Council will contribute to commercially maturing the project towards a start-up company (Cartesian AS) that will deliver the future technology. The focus will be on sustainable solutions for medium- to large-scale thermal energy storage units based on PCM. The market focus will be in the building and food-&-beverage industries, where the potential is huge for reducing energy costs, and to integrate with more renewable energy sources (for example, PV) by using thermal energy storage.

Støtten fra Forskningsrådet bidro til å modne prosjektet kommersielt frem mot et oppstartsselskap som skal levere den fremtidige teknologien.

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