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InSacco – validation, industrialization and commercialization

Alternative title: InSacco – validation, industrialization and commercialization

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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Project Period:

2022 - 2024

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Environmental monitoring is a prerequisite for a sustainable development of Norwegian Aquaculture industry. Present methods for environmental monitoring are unprecise, time consuming, expensive and they are mainly based on subjective assessments. Modern DNA technology has opened up possibilities for rapid and objective monitoring of the environment art a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. However, a bottleneck for DNA analysis of the environment is sample processing. InSacco will make available precise methods for isolation and analysis of bacterial DNA on site, and hence contribute to a DNA revolution whitin environmental monitoring in aquatic environments. The need for precise environmental analysis is increasing, and large, global industries like oil and gas, waterworks and aquaculture will benefit from the InSacco technology verified in this project.

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