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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

Strategic collaboration between NORCE, IFE, NORSAR in Norwegian and European Arena for SET Plan CCS Implementation (2022-2024)

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Awarded: NOK 0.82 mill.

CCS (capture and storage of CO2) is a key technology for reducing CO2 emission and limiting global climate change. The main goal of the NORCCS alliance is to increase the visibility of Norwegian CCS actors, in order to enable the Norwegian CCS community to support a successful implementation of CCS on a scale that is necessary in the nearest future to achieve the set EU and national goals. The main objectives of the NORCCS project is to play a significant role in the strategic processes in the European CCS arena to ensure the successful implementation of CCS. Partners in NORCCS Alliance - NORCE, IFE and NORSAR - will collaborate in the EU and national arena to strengthen the Norwegian CCS environment by participating in existing forums, such as The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and the international CCS network CO2GeoNet, and to contribute to important strategic documents and knowledge dissemination via national and international workshops that promote the development and implementation of CCS in Europe. For example, we have plans for parallel sessions in connection with international CCS conferences such as COP and GHGT conferences. We also want to continue to organize local seminars and courses for stakeholder and general public to increase CCS knowledge and acceptance in the society and among ordinary citizens.

NORCCS Alliance is a national collaboration partnership consisting of NORCE, IFE and NORSAR. We believe this alliance represents the best Norwegian competence within CO2 transport, storage, leakage monitoring and social awareness and acceptance. NORCCS, together with the world leading CCS competence at SINTEF / NCCS, will be an unique and strong national team in the European CCS arena for realization of large scale CCS implementation in the nearest few years. The main objectives of the NORCCS project is to facilitate NORCCS Alliance to play a significant role in the strategic processes in European and natinal CCS arena and to ensure successful implementation of CCS. In order to achieve the set goal, we will work together through join activities as described below: - Establish close link with the EU office through NORCE's office in Brussels, and organize at least 1 joint activity per year in collaboration with important stakeholders in EU research communities. - Strengthen the collaboration with relevant organizations for CCS, such as CO2GeoNet and EERA Joint programs with at least 1 joint activity per year. - Facilitate communication and information leverage between the NORCCS partners' cross-institutional expert teams for CCS research and exercise strong influence on EU CCS R&D programs, national and international CCS legal and ISO framework. - Play an active leading and partner role with other national research centers (NCCS, LowEmission Center, NCS2030, etc) to form an even stronger Norwegian national team in the EU / international arena. - Review and issue important position documents and work programs with our joint competence - Facilitate the NORCCS members to participate joint H2020 activities embarked by, for example, EERA or CO2GeoNet. - Promote experts and competence in NORCCS to leading roles and positions in EU CCS arena to achieve higher impact and to ensure alignment of research funding in Norway, EU and other European countries.

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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering