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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

SUStainability development & cost-reduction of hybrid renewable energies powered Hydrogen stations by riskbased multidisciplinary approaches

Awarded: NOK 2.5 mill.

The project will be aligned with the call by enhancing the collaborations between Europe and Japan in the development of sustainable hydrogen technology, with the purpose to develop more efficient, more reliable, and lower-cost hydrogen-based technologies with a multidisciplinary approach. The project aims to address system modelling and analysis issues in clean hydrogen production and storage, more specifically in the analysis of uncertainties that can impact social, economic, and environmental sustainability of hybrid renewable energies powered (HREP) hydrogen production and fuelling facilities Attentions are paid to newly risk-based performance and degradation models for dealing with fluctuations, unexpecting events, and other complexities brought by HREP, to prevent and mitigate accidents, build organizational safety culture and procedures, better communicate with the public, and identify optimal operational modes for increasing the feasibility of HREP hydrogen stations. This cross-sectoral project includes multilateral participations of technical and social sciences from 4 European partner countries (Norway, Spain, Poland, and Turkey) and Japan. By establishing a research network including jointly online- and onsite seminars and mobility, a common risk-based framework will be explored for covering technical, organisational, social, and economic topics to build a better society involving with hydrogen.

Funding scheme:

ENERGIX-Stort program energi