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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2

OpenRemote - Harmonising design of remote connected maritime workstations

Alternative title: OpenRemote - Helhetlig design av maritime arbeidsplasser for fjernstyring

Awarded: NOK 9.6 mill.

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Project Period:

2023 - 2027


There is an increasing trend to remotely operate ships, drones, and other maritime equipment from land-based workplaces. These new workplaces are usually made up by software and hardware delivered by multiple independent companies. This can lead to challenges for operators that need to learn several different user interface languages to operate advanced safety critical systems. Currently there are no available design standards that governs how these technologies are integrated into user friendly workplaces. OpenRemote will solve this problem by applying an open innovation process where multiple industry, government and academic actors are collaborating in developing a new open-source platform for user friendly and consistently designed remote maritime workstations. The platform will build on the already established OpenBridge Design System and extend its capabilities into remote workplaces. This includes support for distributed situational awareness that will support multiple users’ ability to get a common understanding of the situation of the remote operation. It will also include support for human automation interaction that will allow users to better integrate automation support into their work processes. The work will integrate the OpenBridge international network of maritime actors into the research and development process. Work will continuously be disseminated across the project consortium and the extended network. The project aims to develop results that will increase the usability of future remote maritime workplaces and help coordinate user interface development across all involved actors.

OpenRemote will deliver the world’s first open platform for harmonised and user-friendly design of user interfaces (UI) in multi-vendor remote maritime workstations (RMW). This platform will enable companies to independently develop systems that can coexist in integrated RMW. This will support new business opportunities by opening up RMW as a competitive platform for new innovations, while reducing costs for bringing those innovations to market. New products may include RMW UI interface integration systems, RMW applications, expansion of RMW systems outside the maritime domain. To deliver on these objectives, OpenRemote will expand current UI design knowledge on multi-vendor system integration to support distributed situational awareness and human automation interaction in the context of remote maritime operations distributed across a global network of RMWs. An open innovation process will be implemented, to concurrently develop a regulatory framework for the OpenRemote platform.

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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2