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E:238 Lifecycle Digital Twins of Green Process Plants to Support Fast and Cost-efficient Climate Action

Alternative title: E:238 Digitale livsløptvillinger for utvikling av grønne prosessanlegg og akselererte klimatiltak

Awarded: NOK 4.0 mill.

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2022 - 2024

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The project goal is to realize value by delivering GreenTwin: The world's first software for high-fidelity lifecycle digital twin simulations of green process plants with novel process equipment and complex chemistries, tested on industrial use cases. The test plants will be concentrating solar power using supercritical CO2, Power-to-X ammonia production, and e-fuel production -- demonstrating a technology platform that will be applicable to other complex green processes as well. Once developed, GreenTwin will help process engineers design green process plants, validate control systems, train operators, prepare start-up, plan modifications, and ensure safety throughout all design and operational stages. Lifecycle digital twins allow exploration of the large option space and are widely applied to fossil-based process plants. However, existing commercial simulators lack the fidelity and speed needed to design and operate complex green process plants.

GreenTwin will be a first-in-class product and a breakthrough in green process engineering, bridging the gap between cutting-edge molecular-level chemical modeling and digital twins of full-scale process plants. GreenTwin will build on the existing BPT Digital Production Twin software, which has been developed and commercialized to add functionality, fidelity, and speed to commercial process simulations. Hence, GreenTwin will become a first-in-class product by improving an existing product. Development of green transition processes are still in their early stages and the market for lifecycle digital twins of green processes is a new and growing. Customers will be large energy and chemicals companies who have been using lifecycle digital twins for their fossil-based process plants for decades. Thus, many of the market dynamics and its players are well-known, and we will use BPT's years of market experience, customer relationships, and existing commercial platform to facilitate market entry. Global companies already in the market are looking for ways to apply digital twin simulations to their new green transition processes.

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