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3D printing with geopolymer concrete: 20% of the material usage, 20% of the CO2 per tonne

Awarded: NOK 99,999

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2022 - 2022



The concrete industry is responsible for 6-8% of global man-made CO2 emissions, mainly due to the use of cement. In addition, traditional concrete construction presents materials inefficiencies and generates large amounts of waste. A Eurostars consortium comprising Saferock (coordinator: SME, NO), Hyperion (SME, FI) and SINTEF (R&D institute, NO) is set to address the above challenges head-on. Based on 3D printing with rock-based geopolymer concrete, the innovation effort is looking to save 80% of the material usage and 80% of the CO2 per tonne of material – leading the transition to sustainable and automated construction. The overriding objective of the Eurostars project is to develop, test and validate Hyperion’s 3D printing technology and Saferock’s geopolymer concrete for use in additive manufacturing applications. Detailed secondary objectives are being defined both in terms of core technology development, integration, testing and validation. By participating as the project coordinator with overall responsibility also for project management and the exploitation and dissemination plan, Saferock will take on significant duties - while also securing the largest upside by bringing required competencies together.

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