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INNOFFARENA-Innovasjonsarena for stat og kommune

Basisutstillinger – i skvis mellom myndighetenes museumspolitiske føringer, ulike brukergrupper og tilvekst av forskning

Alternative title: Basic Exhibitions – Caught Between the Governments Guidelines for Museum Policies, Different User Groups, and Growth of Research

Awarded: NOK 0

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Project Period:

2022 - 2026

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Basic exhibitions are most often set up in connection with the opening of a museum. They change little over time, are often outdated academically, no longer satisfy museum policy guidelines set by the authorities. The reason why a basic exhibition is left for a longer period is because it is expensive to replace it, and those responsible for dissemination and the collection use a long time creating new basic exhibitions. In this project, I will investigate how we can change a basic exhibition according to three museum policy guidelines from the Norwegian museum report 2021-2022. 1. The museum should focus on a dissemination that is adapted to diversity. Here I want to discuss universal design which is one of the categories of diversity. 2. Requirements for dissemination via digital platforms. Here I will look at the digital prototype, situated simulations, which have been developed at the Lofoten Museum in Kabelvåg and the Viking Ship House in Oslo. I will discuss whether the digital solution can be suitable for disseminating recent research and satisfy the requirements for universally designed dissemination at Lofotr Viking Museum 3. A communication that highlights coastal history. I have limited coastal history periodically and geographically to include Vestvågøy in the Late Iron Age/Early Middle Ages. Lofotr Viking Museum at Borg in Lofoten has a basic exhibition that is 11 years old. In this project, I make suggestions on how we can change this basic exhibition by using the three museum policy guidelines, updating the academic content, and examining the museum’s user group and their needs. Using Lofotr Viking Museum as a case study in the project gives me the opportunity to discuss basic exhibitions at a research level. It is not only Lofotr Viking Museum that struggles with this issue – outdated basic exhibitions. Here it is possible to make suggestions that also can be used at several other Norwegian museums.

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INNOFFARENA-Innovasjonsarena for stat og kommune