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E!521 ICD

Alternative title: E!521 ICD

Awarded: NOK 0.82 mill.

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2022 - 2024

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Project aim: Cutting CO2 emission on the jobsite by taking drying of concrete into 21st century Help GCs to eliminate the risk of the drying process. We will build a solution capable of determine the required usage of heaters and dehumidifier for drying the concrete to required humidity levels - this will enable GCs to be proactive instead of reactive. This will be done by using sensor data, concrete data, meta data into an AI.

Vi fikk dessverre ikke oppnådd noen virkninger av prosjektet da vi var i test og innhenting av data fasen av prosjektet ved avslutning.

We will develop a solution consisting of sensors and software that are capable of saving 25-30% of the current energy consumed for drying concrete on a job site. In the Nordics alone the potential is more than 212.000tons/Co2 per year. On top of this, we will help contractors to save time and money at the same time. During the project, we will identify the best process for concrete drying (theoretically) and combine it with the latest within data modeling. A software platform will be developed and multiple tests will be carried out during the project on several jobsites in Norway.

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