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DIV-AKT-KT - Planlegging, utredning og evaluering

Norwegian Study Group with Industry

Awarded: NOK 0.10 mill.

Industrial mathematics is a diverse and problem-driven research area which has been shown time after time to provide a competitive advantage and produce significant innovation. However, despite an enormous increase in activity in this area over the last forty years, European industrial applications of mathematics tend to be clustered, both geographically and sectorally. There are still many European countries, including Norway, in which the potential of mathematics to create models for fundamental understanding, simulation, optimization, and prediction is not exploited. There are many subject areas in which the mathematical approach has yet to be fully developed, such as agriculture, food, and health services. The rewards of developing a successful interface between academic mathematicians and industry are tangible and mutually beneficial. Industry provides a fertile source of new and interesting scientific problems, often resulting in the development of new mathematics. Mathematics can provide insights that allow industrialists to improve their products and processes (resulting in a reduction in production costs, defect rates, and waste, and/or an increase in the throughput of physical processes), and reduce the amount of costly and time-consuming experimentation needed to develop new processes. To improve the collaboration between mathematics and industry, the Department of Mathematical Sciences at NTNU plans to organize the "Norwegian Study Group with Industry” at NTNU's Ålesund campus, June 13 – 17, 2022 as a problem-solving workshop, where academic mathematicians with varied background and degree of experience collaborate with industry on a number of real-world problems directly related to production, optimization, or modelling of processes.

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DIV-AKT-KT - Planlegging, utredning og evaluering

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