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SIRKULÆRØKONOMI-Sirkulær økonomi

Critical views and Controversies in Circular Economy – from environment to bioresources (C3E)

Awarded: NOK 98,999

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2022 - 2022

The C3E events aim to disseminate knowledge about the circular economy opportunities, with an emphasis in the oil and gas sector (O&G) and the related supplier industries and the wider energy domain, by critically examining not only the opportunities but also potential bottlenecks of the circular economy transition. We believe that only with enabling and engaging in critical discussions about the circular economy, true acceptance and application of the CE principles and strategies can be done within the O&G, and related supplier industries, as well as more widely. As the Porfolio Plan points out, the bioeconomy includes many different markets and products, and the desire to reduce the use of oil and coal as a carbon raw material opens up great new opportunities. Nonetheless, the transition to CE will be a lenghty process, which is not possible without a clear understanding of the opportunities arising from more circularity inside all sectors, as well as without enhancing the knowledge about CE as such and the ability to re-apply the industry knowledge to the new context of the circular economy. In this line, we prepare two events that are dedicated to the Critical views and controversies in the circular economy – from the environment to resources. The first part is a Green bag CE breakfast event (GreB-CE), which is dedicated to local audiences . The focus is on downstream and upstream opportunities in oil&gas, and energy sectors: from opportunities to barriers, with the former related also to environmental concerns as well as competing opportunities downstream, such as those related to bioresources. The second event is the interactive discussion on critical views and controversies in the circular economy (interactC3E), with a primary target being the oil&gas, and related supplier industry representatives in Norway. The events thoroughly fit into the thematic area on the circular economy, also intersecting the topic on bioresource and environment.

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SIRKULÆRØKONOMI-Sirkulær økonomi