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(Inter)musical values - The impact of micro-musical ecosystems and sustainable cultures

Awarded: NOK 49,999

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Project Period:

2022 - 2022


This is a collaborative 3-year intra-European research project examining the artistic, cultural, economic and socio-political circumstances – i.e. the musical ecosystem – of European music cultures. Through a combination of four interdisciplinary strands over 6 WPs, the research will focus on: 1. Material and immaterial musical impact and value 2. Practices, ideologies and enablers 3. Cultural, economic and environmental sustainability 4. Intermusical sharing and new policies The main aim of this project is to build a clearer picture of the current state of networks, work conditions, resilience and production with the European music scene, identify knowledge gaps, best practices, and improving the potential for setting up new enablers and effective policies. We will do that through focusing on a segment of the music sector, specifically DIY/underground micro-music ecosystems – how they organise and operate, methodologies, economies and impact – and apply research findings to the development of new tools for (re)evaluating and enhancing the value of the overall diversity of the sector.

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