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AIMSES - Disruptive Health Monitoring of Electrical Machines

Alternative title: AIMSES - Disruptiv helsemonitorering av elektriske maskiner

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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2022 - 2024

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The next generation of transportation vehicles are electric, including electric aircraft, electric cars, hyperloop, and electric ferries. To ensure safe operation of these vehicles is crucial. Imagine that you take a trip with electric aircraft and suddenly the engine stop working. What can happen? In the worst case, the airplane will crash. The aim of this project is to investigate how a precise health monitoring system can detect the fault in an electric engine in the early stage and avoid such a horrific situation. In 2018, researchers at NTNU developed a health monitoring system for fault detection of hydro generators. The number of failed hydropower plants have increased in past years and the demand for an affordable health monitoring system has increased from the private and state-owned power plants. There are several available commercialized technologies, but they have several limitations, including low sensitivity to faults, complex installation procedures and high costs. The developed sensor system to be verified in this project is inexpensive, sensitive, and non-invasive. The developed system is verified at two hydropower plants and the developed technology is patented. The application area of the developed health monitoring system is not limited to hydropower plants. It can be used in electric aviation, electric cars, wind parks, oil and gas platforms, and ships. During this project the system will be verified for a range of these application areas, together with leading industry partners.

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