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MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø

Small Scientist: Promoting Ocean Science Literacy in Children

Awarded: NOK 0.49 mill.

Small Scientist will promote ocean literacy among the youngest members of society within Norway by creating children's literature from peer-reviewed scientific articles. The project will disseminate research findings from the SEA PATCHES (project number 268391) and STRESSOR (287043) projects. The project is in addition to previously planned outreach efforts. The project will create a picture book for children aged three to five years. The book will be used in Norwegian barnehagene to teach young children ocean science. The most critical R&D challenge is how to communicate topics such as big data, copepod migration behaviour, oceanographic processes, research activities and the scientific method to small children. There is a mismatch between the outreach ideas of scientists and the needs of the end-user. To mitigate the mismatch, a interdisciplinary approach will be initiated from the project start with collaborative work involving the lead scientist in the SEA PATCHES and STRESSOR projects, a science communicator, an award winning children's literature illustrator, and pedagogical experts in early childhood pedagogy from Læringsverkstedet AS. Læringsverkstedet AS is also the end-user. The dual roles held by Læringsverkstedet AS will ensure that the end product holds educational value at an age appropriate level.

Funding scheme:

MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø