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KVAL: Smart Larval Rearing System: enhancing control in early-stage marine aquaculture

Alternative title: Smart Yngelovervåkning - Høynet kontroll i tidlig-fase marin akvakultur

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

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2022 - 2023

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Production of healthy and robust juveniles is a critical success factor and a major bottleneck in marine aquaculture. The first weeks in the life of marine fish larvae are often characterized by high mortalities and malformations. Marine fish larvae are small and vulnerable after hatching. As opposed to salmon larvae which can digest formulated as a first feed, marine fish larvae lack a functional stomach and are hence in demand of high-quality live feed organisms of the right size, nutritional quality and digestibility in order to grow and develop. The first weeks after hatching are critical for the larvae's wellbeing and sets the premises for later development. Fish farmers should therefore monitor the larvae regularly during the early stages of production to achieve predictability and profitability later in the production cycle, however the tools to do so are lacking. «Smart Larval Rearing System (SLRS)» will monitor and interpret the biology of high numbers of fish larvae in real time with the intention of giving fish farmers a decision support tool for increasing quality, reducing costs and improving control during this challenging and important first part of a production cycle. The process will take place without the need for direct handling of the fish to avoid inflicting stress on the fragile larvae. The primary objective of this project is to obtain one or more signed letters of intent for pilot trials where the innovation is tested in situ at a marine aquaculture site and a market analysis that will support a decision on primary market for the invention.

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