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MILJØFORSK-Miljøforskning for en grønn samfunnsomstilling

The Norwegian Planetary Health Alliance

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

The interconnectedness of climate, the earth’s natural systems, human activity, and the health of humans and our planet is increasingly evident. Planetary Health addresses these interconnections, with particular attention to the relationship between the health of humans, animals and the health of the planet. Among the escalating global health and sustainability challenges that Planetary Health addresses are climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution (of air, water, and soil), escalating freshwater shortages, and growing concerns about food insecurity. The COVID-19 pandemic, including the response and fallout, clearly illustrate the interconnection of climate, environment, human and animal habitat, and the political, economic, and social determinants of health, as well as our ability to negotiate these interconnections at the national and global level. The multidirectional links between climate and urbanization are also of paramount importance, thus underscoring the need for a Planetary Health approach to urban planning and urban health. The Centre for Global Health has, since 2019, been the only Norwegian member of the International Planetary Health Alliance. With partners, the center has coordinated events in connection with the annual Lancet Countdown report, an international collaboration that independently monitors the health consequences of climate change. These partners are behind the current proposal. We aim to establish a Norwegian Planetary Health Alliance (NORPath). This will serve as a network and platform for Norwegian stakeholders, providing a forum for transdisciplinary and multisectoral innovation that serves the interests of sustainability and health, and for long-term strategic development of capacity and competency in Planetary Health through collaboration, research, and dissemination.

Funding scheme:

MILJØFORSK-Miljøforskning for en grønn samfunnsomstilling