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Pump-less recirculation Organ-on-Chip platform

Alternative title: Pumpefri resirkulering Organ-on-Chip-plattform

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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Project Period:

2023 - 2025

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Human 3D organ models, including Organ-on-Chip (OoC) technology, have the potential to revolutionize disease modeling, drug development and personalized medicine. OoC technology combines micro-engineering, micro-fluidics and cell biology to create perfused human organ representations on devices with the size of microscope slide or smaller, that can be tested with drugs and other reagents. We have recently developed an innovative, scalable, next-generation OoC platform termed recirculation Organ-on-chip (rOoC). The platform supports multiple cell derived 3D organ models, the formation of small blood vessels, directional flow of liquid between the organ models, and the incorporation of components of the immune system. Overall, the system is easy to use and highly scalable while allowing the development of complex tissue and organ representations. This verification project aims to translate the rOoC platform concept into a commercially viable product portfolio. In the project period, we will i) adapt the technology for scaling up the production of the rOoC platform; ii) develop the necessary hardware and software to run the rOoC platform, iii) use the rOoC platform to develop a model for human liver fibrosis “on chip” as a disease application that shall serve as a proof of concept for drug testing services. In summary, the verification project should provide the fundament for a product based business model that leads to a profitable Norwegian Organ-on-Chip start-up.

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