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Developing a rapid reference material production and scale-up platform for global cannabinoid drug detection services

Awarded: NOK 99,999

This proposal seeks support for the development of an innovative project plan to be submitted for funding from the EU Eurostars-3 programme. PES funding will be used to support the completion of the Eurostars application, involving the allocation of staff time from Chiron Pharmasynth AS (project coordinator) and engagement of an external contractor to support the application process. The project aims to produce high value certified reference materials (CRMs). CRMs are required for laboratories involved in monitoring two inter-related drug markets: (i) potent and harmful synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist (SCRAs) designed for the illicit market and (ii) increasingly diverse synthetic analogs of naturally psychoactive cannabinoids appearing in illicit markets and in commercial products in jurisdictions where naturally occurring cannabinoids have been decriminalised. The R&D challenge is to produce relevant CRMs of the highest quality at the right time for the market.

Funding scheme: