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SynPlan - Artificial Intelligence Solution to Optimize Healthcare Workforce Planning

Awarded: NOK 74,999

The overall vision of the SynPlan Engine Accelerator project is to prototype, pilot and commercialise our SynPlan, a platform that takes internal hospital data and external weather, event, seasonal disease, and incidence data as input, uses an ensemble ML learning method (gradient boost, decision trees, statistical and probability methods), and generate the predictive output. The SynPlan infrastructure is deployable in a cloud or on-premises environment and integrates with existing data sources from the customers. We have developed the AI, especially for this system, which learns from the internal historic and operational data, and external data to deliver accurate predictions and forecasts either into existing software or into our own interface. SynPlan has a major market potential compared to current state-of-the-art technologies. To increase our commercial success and impact, we have created a Strategic Business Plan, as a detailed roadmap, describing all necessary activities we need to undertake to ensure a successful market introduction. Now, we seek to develop our Commercialisation Plan (CP), which will form an important part of the final Business Innovation Plan (BIP), to be created in this Accelerator project. As the envisaged Accelerator project builds upon a validated prototype technology, most of our efforts will be focused on piloting and commercialisation activities.

Funding scheme: